About us

Byron Bay Bliss Balls is making and distributing yummy and healthy bliss balls to Cafes, Organic/Health Shops, Fine Supermarkets and many other Businesses across Australia.

We are Australian owned, Australian made and are using only organic or natural ingredients. Our products are handmade, gluten free, nut free and preservative/additive free.

our story


Byron Bay Bliss Balls was born in Byron Bay. The original handmade recipe made with Coconut, milk and honey started to be sold in jars on the counters of Byron Bay retail shops and in surrounding areas and quickly had a great success with its customers.


The word of mouth started to spread across the North of NSW and South East QLD with a larger demand for the 2 original bliss balls flavours, Vanilla and Chocolate. While keeping the same recipe and handmade process of fabrication, we improved even more the quality of our ingredients by using organic or local products (Organic Coconut, Honey from local apiary, Organic cacao, Organic Vanilla etc…) and started to use a proper Commercial Kitchen to answer the larger demand.


It was the 10th Birthday of Byron Bay Bliss Ball. We launched a new “Salted Caramel” Bliss Ball, as always made with Organic or Natural ingredients only. We also launched a new set of Bliss Jars and refreshed our Packaging with our new range of Twin Packs. Byron Bay Bliss Balls is now distributed all over NSW and QLD with more than 100,000 Bliss Balls made per year. And you can follow us here on our Website, on Facebook and Instagram.


Byron Bay Bliss Balls keeps expanding its presence across Australia with around 1 new Stockist every week. In the background, we are also improving our packaging to become even more eco-friendly. We are improving our recipes to be even more yummy and healthy. And we are improving the way we work to get our awesome Customers and Staff even more happy!